I would like to introduce to you my 27 paintings from 3x3x3 exhibition which is currently on view at the Celal M13 Gallery at 13 rue de Miromesnil 75008 in Paris.

'Hyperbolic Exuberants', spray on the wall, 240x240cm, 2018,  V9, ADA Puławska, Puławska 37, Warsaw, Poland


The shapes placed in the space of the canvases are enlighted by the color depending on its surface angle in reference to the RGB space.

  • RGB color cube is a space defined by three coordinates - red, green, and blue. It contains any color as a result of adding various values of this three primaries. 

  • 3x3x3 is the second simplest RGB cube and has only 27 colors - 8 on the vertices, 12 in the center of the edges, 6 in the center of the faces, and one in the center of the cube.

  • Each piece is oriented to a different color of this space with white light from above. The distance affects the color tone.

The images below show the 3x3x3 RGB cube cross section models I did for 'the color of the color' management. 


I wanted to hide the 3x3x3 RGB cube in canvas dimensions and have a balanced range of sizes and proportions. From 50x50cm to 100x100cm up to 240x240cm.

The images show the relation between the 3x3x3 RGB cube and the proportions of canvases.



    The range of spatial mathematical structures from which I intuitively construct my abstract landscapes on canvas is wider and more systematized in 3x3x3 than in the previous exhibition DISCRETINUUM. Assigning the type of structure to the canvas coincides with their color orientation.

      The smallest canvas is oriented towards black, where purely amorphous intuitive forms dominate. Forms in the initial stage of growth are shown in images directed towards dark colors. Exucubes are on greens, Exuitebs on blues, Exutoroids on reds. On cyans (green + blue), magentas (blue + red) and yellows (red + green) are shown its common properties: having triangular corners, hexagonality, and axial symmetry. The brighter the color, the more advanced the object is painted on it. The brightest colors and white are backgrounds for the hyperbolic plane - the most elegant structure I used in my study. The Grey in the middle summarise everything in a map of the series.


    If you are interested in purchasing my artwork, please contact the gallery by e-mail: info@celalm13.com or phone: +33 (0) 1 40 26 56 35 or instagram DM: @galerie_celalm13, celalm13.com