Proembrion (Krzysztof Syruć)

I was born in 1984, I began painting graffiti in 1996. Keeping my letter compositions more and more disciplined led me to use diagonal geometry. I practiced so much that my improvisations allowed me to create more contextual interventions.
From 2002 I've been painting without sketches, even for large murals. My intuition tells me to be more free and conscious during the process, and to eliminate the notion of mistake and to surprise myself.

I graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology faculty of Architecture in 2011. Studying architecture influenced my painting and vice versa. The thesis I proposed was futuristic synergy of architecture and augmented reality. Fascinated by parametricism, I developed the Blurve and TCNN graphic algorithms. This experience led me, in 2012, to the discrete compositions of sequences of natural numbers. Because I desired a more efficient way to execute my imaginations visions, the shift to painting was a natural progression.